My Absence + a Poem

Dear Subscribers, I am sorry this blog didn’t keep going, life got in the way! I am continuing to fund the hosting of this content and perhaps, one day, the stories will continue. Untill then, all I have, is a dodgy poem…

My Great Day Out,

As wheels turned, and smiles occurred,

The sound of crunching gravel, could easily be heard.

Rich rolling hills paved the way,

As the growth of life, was on display.

With cascading golden beams of sun,

Old mates were enriched, just having some fun.

Whilst the hills continued to became more frequent,

The burn of the legs, duly expressed their vehemence.

But all-in-all, there was always a certainty, that’s for sure,

Recreation with your mates, is not for the poor!


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