Bayview Conservation Park – 15 August

Due to a date I have tonight I decided to do a shorter loop leaving from home that takes in Bayview Conservation Park.

I love this place, The natural beauty is different from other places I have been fortunate to ride. It’s not very hilly and has single track that winds through the forest for kilometres on end.

I started by heading through the back streets of Cornubia, past all the semi-rural properties. It’s a ten kilometre ride without any hills so quite cruisy at a decent average speed.

Before too long I arrived at the new housing estate bordering the forest. There is a nice park there built for the residents, making a good spot to have a rest and consume some energy.

20150815_102812As soon as you enter Bayview you are greeted by single track. Binkley Benson is the name of the first track I took. It is a relatively easy track that winds through the bush.



The single track is well designed in here, they mostly join up to each other so once you finish one track you are onto the next. Each single track has an authentic looking sign made from corrugated iron with red paint displaying its name.


Grass Trees is a interesting track that winds through a large section of grass tree plants. Some are quite big! The sign for this one is on an old burnt out tree.

20150815_104603Next track is called Sock Puppet. It is very dry at this time of the year and you could see the evidence in all the little ferns drying up after long periods without a drink.

20150815_110614I took my time on this track and appreciated the surroundings. When you slow down in life and look at the detail you can’t help but be mesmerised by the beauty that nature has to offer.

20150815_111025 20150815_111123 20150815_111343


One thing I love about Bayview is the varying terrain, one minute you’re surrounded by grass tree plants or eucalypse, next minute you’re surrounded by a thick forest of tall skinny trees providing lots of shade cover.


Then again the terrain changes to a more open bush setting with colourful features that catch your eye! I could not help but be hypnotized as I watched this native bee collecting pollen.

20150815_113728Then this beautiful bottle brush plant? (not sure if it’s a bottle brush?)


Again the track terrain changes back into grass tree plants, still on the Sock puppet track. This track is pretty long!

20150815_114115 20150815_114751 20150815_120714

Last time exploring in here I didn’t have time for every track, they are so long! So this time I headed south for many kilometres. The single track is called Koolyar Nobbys. The track went forever, just kept going and going. It was so different to what we are use to with it’s skinny but towering trees.

20150815_121135 20150815_121151 20150815_121406 20150815_121741Koolyar Nobbys spat me out at the southern end of Bayview. You have to take your hat off to the Redlands city council. In all my mountain biking around South East Queensland, I have never seen anything like this.

Firsty a water drinking trough for horses.


Then on the other side is a work station for push bikes. See the tools hanging down? So cool!


It was time to head home now, I have a second date with a beautiful lady who has blown my socks off on the first date. It was important to get home on time. I could see on the map there was a fire road that takes you through the Carbrook wetlands south out onto Beenleigh Redland Bay road. This fireroad was lovely as it cut through the wetlands with water features on both sides surrounded by paper bark trees. You could feel the fresh clean oxygen as you sucked it in.

20150815_122619 20150815_122612Time for a road stint to get home. Due to stopping so many times to take photos at a slow pace, I decided to shift the bike into the big chain ring and smash it home. I usually hate the road with cars but it was a nice ride as it winds past wetlands and nature reserves. Soon the terrain opens up with farmland.


It was only a small ride today at 41 kilometers but loved it none the less.

bayview ride-profile1


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