Local Mt Cotton Exploration – Sat 23rd May 2015

Leaving from home, I was on a mission to complete my own epic exploration ride around my local area. I had downloaded a GPS navigation app and it included a topographic off-road map. This allowed me to relax not having to worry about getting lost.

With plenty of food, water and sunscreen, I set off towards Cornubia Forest first which continues on to Daisy Hill Forest. Once I traversed through Cornubia and onto Daisy Hill I turned east into Venman’s nature reserve. It is pretty raw in here, not much traffic at all.

Entering Venman’s nature reserve
Inside Venman’s nature reserve

The track soon came to a powerline running through with the forest opened up.

Powerlines in Venman’s nature reserve

Then back into the scrub the tracks were very shaded, made for great riding. Just had to watch the sticks jumping up and trying to destroy my drivetrain.

Inside Venman’s
One of the tracks in Venman’s nature reserve

Also came across this stream, it was pretty stagnant but still very nice to randomly stroll upon…

Stagnant stream in Venman’s
Random mushroom

Some of the vegetation I came across was beautiful to say the least…

Very raw unused track in Venman’s bushland
The forest floor covered in moss, so much shade cover!

The track took me to a fenceline which looked across someone’s farm, with the sun beaming, it was a magical day.

A cattle farm beside Venman’s bushland

I soon hit west mount cotton road where I took a very short stint on the road to the start of the Mount Cotton eastern escarpment climb. This climb is tough. It is only 200 meters high but the gradients hit 20%+. Sadly my fitness was not good enough and I had to walk parts of it. It gets steeper at the end but well worth the effort once you see the views looking over moreton bay.

Looking up the eastern escarpment climb from the bottem.
The view looking west half way up the climb.
The view looking west half way up the climb.
The view bit further up from previous photo.
The view from the top, wasn’t the clearest day.

mt cotton piccie from blog testIt had been several years since I last come up here. It was hard work but well worth the serenity. After a good rest and a good feed on some snacks, I headed home using west mt cotton road then taking a single track down into cornubia forest which connected me back up to the cycle paths back to home.

This is my very first blog on wordpress, so more of an experiment than anything else, I hope you enjoyed it.


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